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GymOlympic Team

GymOlympic is home to an exceptional Developmental team program consisting of a pre-team group and competitive levels 2 through 10. We run a fun and engaging  program enhanced by the active and hands on coaching from our professional staff. Our focus is on empowering our gymnasts to excel in gymnastics in a safe and enriching manner.

GymOlympic prides it self as being one of the most competitive and succesful team programs in our state. Every season, our team has finished with multiple 1st place finishes in invitational competitions and with multiple State champions. 

In order to ensure the success of our gymnasts, correct level placement of every child is determined with great care by the coaches. Our program is very selective and demanding, focusing on strength and flexibility. We have found great success over the years by maintaining a T.O.P.s level conditioning program for our entire team.


Our pre-team program is in place to prepare young gymnasts for the competitive team. In our pre-team program our gymnasts learn correct form, mastery and execution of basic skills, as well as develop other important skills such as listening, work ethic, and resilience that are essential for our competitive program. At GymOlympic we believe in building a strong foundation for our gymnasts to succeed in the future.

To join the pre-team program, first a gymnast must be chosen to do a gymnastics test by one of the coaches. The test is based on strength, flexibility, basic skills, and natural ability. Invitation to test or invitation into the program will be decided by one of our coaches, and confirmed by our head coach. As previously stated, our program is very demanding and selective. Just like our team program, the pre-team trains year round, including summers. Training days will be decided and set by the coaches. Training days are not optional and not allowed to be made up. Family commitment to our program is a strong deciding factor for competitive team mobility.

Mobility into our competitive program will be decided in the spring/summer solely by the coaches. At GymOlympic we believe in placing our gymnasts in the correct level for their individual success.


Competitive Team

GymOlympic competes in the USAG Women's Developmental Program (WDP) and Xcel Program. The USAG (WDP) consists of 10 levels. The USAG Xcel Program consists of six divisions. At GymOlympic, our program is separated into four major segments: Pre-Team, Xcel, Compulsory, and Optional.



Our compulsory program includes Xcel divisions Bronze, Sliver, and WDP levels 2 through 5. The compulsory program provides gymnasts with their first competition experience. Gymnasts participating in the compulsory program are asked to learn routines, master increasingly challenging skills, and perform these to the best of their ability in a competition setting. Training for our team program is required year around including summers.


The Optional program includes Xcel divisions Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire, and WDP levels 6 through 10. The optional levels are more advanced in skills, routine composition, and commitment. Our gymnasts who compete in the Optional levels are exceptional athletes and teammates. They set an example and serve as inspiration for our compulsory and pre-team gymnasts. They are dedicated to their sport, training many hours per week to maintain, improve, and learn the skills and conditioning their higher levels require.  Training for our team program is required year round, including summers.

Competitive Team

Try-out Process

The GymOlympic Team program is competitive and demanding. We are committed to the physical and mental development our gymnasts through the sport of gymnastics. Our goal is to provide a caring and safe environment in which our gymnasts recieve the highest quality of instruction. To ensure that every member of our team enjoys a positive experience, individual triumphs, and is a proud contributor to the overall success of the program, our try-out process is very selective.

If your athlete has had prior competitive gymnastics experience and is interested in trying out for our team, you must first submit a detailed email which includes the following:

  • Child's full name, age and birthday.

  • Level competed in previous season and current training level.

A video should also be included in the email. The video should include:

  • Flexability - Left leg, right leg, straddle split, bridge, and pike.

  • Strength - Rope climbing (if possible), chin-ups, leg lifts, handstand hold, press handstands, and cast handstands (if it applies to level).

  • Current routines and skills from practice or competition.


After the email has been recieved, you will be contacted to see if your daughter is a good fit for our program. At this time we will schedule an in person try-out. All try-outs take place after our competitive season has ended, during the months of May through July.

Please contact us at

Try-out Process
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