GymOlympic Team Gymnastics Camp Health and Safety Plan


            We are excited to announce that Chester County will transition to “Yellow Phase” on June 5th, 2020, which will allow us to open our Gymnastics Team Camp on Monday June, 8th! On May 22nd Governor Wolf released a Summer Camp and Recreation Guidance, stating that part-day school-age programs with activities of a single purpose, such as gymnastics, will be permitted to operate during the yellow phase. We are prepared to operate and implement an opening health and safety plan in accordance with state and local orders.

            GymOlympic will be enforcing new safety protocols, but in order for these to be effective, we will require the involvement of everyone: gymnasts, parents, and coaches. Please know that the well-being and safety of our gymnasts has been and will continue to be our top priority. We are confident and prepared to provide enriching activity to our gymnasts in a safe way. With our health and safety plan, we will maintain a low risk of spread by promoting behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19 and by maintaining a healthy environment in our facility. GymOlympic is also prepared to handle any unfortunate circumstances that may arise if a gymnasts/coach/parent is exposed to COVID-19.



Many of the most important protocols we are developing and enforcing will affect the GymOlympic facility and the ways we will operate while in the gym.

Our gym has a total surface of 10,000 square feet.

-Lobby Area: 980 SF (Limit 25 people occupancy)

-Office, bathrooms, and kitchenette: 426 SF

-Storage and Utility Rooms: 980 SF

-Gym Space: 7,614 SF.  220 person capacity in accordance with Yellow Phase business safety regulations. During a normal team practice, there are usually 50 children or less in the gym simultaneously. There is sufficient space for safe social distancing regulations.

-A closed circuit TV platform (Spot TV APP) will be implemented in the coming weeks, which will allow parents to view your child’s gymnastics activities from the comfort of your car or home.

-Staff will intensify cleaning and disinfection of all areas in the facility, emphasizing the lobby and bathroom areas (high traffic areas).

-Our water fountain will no longer be available (please provide your child with plenty of water).

-Signage to promote hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, social distancing, etc. will be hung all around lobby and bathroom areas.

-The facility is equipped with large garage doors that can open to bring in fresh air, and the entire facility is equipped with an operational HVAC unit for ventilation.

-The lobby area will be reorganized to flow in a one-way fashion with floor markings. Clearly marked spaces (brightly colored carpet dots) for standing six feet apart will be placed on the floor inside the gymnastics area and the lobby.

-A plexi-glass partition is placed at the front desk to protect office workers and parents conducting financial/scheduling matters. Also, all payments/scheduling can be done over the phone.

-Communal space used by gymnasts, such as snack areas and cubbies, will be cleaned and disinfected between uses.

-Non-essential personnel and visitors in the building are discouraged at this time. Questions and information can be gathered from our website or over the phone.




The coaches of GymOlympic take their responsibilities very seriously, and are always looking for ways to keep their gymnasts safe. We will be increasing our normal vigilance in some key ways.

-Coaches will promote healthy hygiene practices to all gymnasts, such as hand washing or use of hand sanitizers before and during practice.

-Coaches will encourage gymnasts to keep safe distancing regulations of six feet among each other.

-Coaches will wear face masks or face shields. Athlete safety is paramount and the coaches will not be restricted from spotting a gymnast when necessary and to protect the gymnast from injury.

-Coaches themselves will practice healthy hygiene with frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer before and during practice.

-Coaches will adjust practice schedules to ensure time for cleaning/disinfecting of equipment.

-Coaches will meet gymnasts outside of building at drop-off to send gymnasts into building with safe social distancing. This will eliminate gatherings of children in lobby or entrance areas.

-Similar protocol will occur at dismissal, releasing gymnasts in small, distanced groups to parents and guardians outside of building, all with close coach supervision.

-Coaches are all trained and prepared in health and safety plans.



Our gymnasts have always been dedicated and responsible athletes that meet challenges with conviction and strength. We believe that they will rise to this new challenge as well.

-Gymnasts will be separated into small groups at the discretion of the coaches. These groups will remain the same each day (cohorting).

-Gymnasts will arrive to the gym at assigned staggered drop-off times. Gymnasts will also be picked up at assigned staggered pick-up times.

-Gymnasts should be aware of GymOlympic’s new safety protocols, and they will follow sanitation rules, as well as maintain social distancing for their own safety and others.

-Gymnasts should tell the coaches IMMEDIATELY when not feeling well.

-Gymnasts should not share personal items. Please bring your own personal items in a gym bag, such as: water bottle, hand sanitizer, small towel, hair supplies (brush, clips, ties, scrunchies, hair spray), and tape/underwrap.

-Gymnasts are not required to wear face masks during practice, but its fine if you wish to do so. Gymnasts are encouraged to wear masks to and from the facility and in the lobby area.

-Gymnasts must follow coach’s instructions regarding gradual return to skill and top physical conditioning performance.

-Gymnasts will use their assigned cubby areas each day, and clean up any trash before they leave each day.

-Gymnasts will use the assigned workout areas for their group each day and listen carefully for coach instructions on equipment that is available.



Thank you to our parents for your continued support and commitment. Your cooperation during this unprecedented time will help us all to succeed and stay healthy.

-Ensure your child is free from any illness before coming to the gym, and stay home when appropriate.

-Encourage your gymnasts to follow gym health and safety rules.

-Provide your child with personal items for each practice.

-Talk with your gymnasts about NOT sharing personal items with teammates, and about keeping safe social distance from each other during practice.

-Limit your observation from lobby to one parent per child, and keep in mind the lobby’s safe capacity of 25 people.

-Please wear face masks while in the facility.

-Refrain from gathering in groups while in the lobby.

-Follow all signage and traffic instructions while in the lobby.

-Please be extremely prompt during pick-up and drop-off times to ensure smooth transitions and eliminate large groups in lobby and at entrances.

-Parents must self-report to coaching staff if gymnast or family are having symptoms of COVID-19 or were exposed to someone with COVID-19.


***If in the unfortunate event a gymnast, parent, or coach develops symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, we are prepared. This person must self report to our COVID-19 point of contact staff person, who will then advise them of home isolation criteria. If this person develops symptoms while at the GymOlympic facility, he or she will be placed into the isolation area, and then transported home or to a care facility, dependent upon symptoms and age (parents and guardians of minors will first be notified before any action is taken). All areas used by the sick person will be closed off for 24 hours and then cleaned and disinfected. Our COVID-19 point of contact staff person will then notify local health officials, staff, and families while maintaining confidentiality, and further advise those who had close contact with the diagnosed person to stay home, self-monitor, and follow CDC guidance.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate and work on the best practices to keep everyone safe, and we sincerely thank you for your support during these times. We have missed all of our gymnasts so much and we are excited to finally be returning to the sport we love! Stay safe and healthy, and we will see you soon! GO GYMOLYMPIC!